This campaign will be a somewhat traditional DnD game, a little bit more brutal and dangerous than I’ve run in quite a while. The PCs are not necessarily heroes in the modern sense, They are intended to pursue whatever ends they deem beneficial to themselves, their loved ones, or their ideals. If this means being a paragon of virtue, or an unparalleled bastard, So be it. it is the scope of their actions, the boldness and cunning, that makes them heroic.

Ishar is a world that seems very much like the civilizations of the Bronze and Iron Ages, with quite a few anachronisms thrown in for good measure. It is perhaps how the world could have been, or is maybe an experiment of capricious powers. But for as much as it can be an unforgiving place, It holds great wonders and delights for those who have the fortune to have them, or the will to take them.

We will be using the Pathfinder RPG rules, with some homebrewing for PC races and such.

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World of Ishar

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